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I have always looked at guitars as works of art. I love the design, color choices, craftsmanship and creativity of the builders.

When we decided to start this guitar company, there were already some very, very talented boutique luthiers and big name companies putting out amazing guitars. Even the lower priced offerings from overseas have become pretty good as well. 

We wanted to do something different.

Something rare and unique. 

So, we create high quality, short-run series of guitars made from wood that has its own story. Not just a type of wood, but wood that had a glorious (or nefarious) past. Wood that previously was integral in something special, that would now carry on that mojo in its newest incarnation – Your Sweet Licks Custom Guitar!

Sweet Licks creates custom guitars using the finest woods, craftsmen and components available to create a top quality, one of a kind, heirloom-quality music instrument.

We want your custom guitar to fit you like it was made for you, because…it is! You can select the neck profile, contour, fretboard, fret wire & pick ups. Our guitars not only look fantastic, but play like an extension of you.



Due to production times and the fact that these are highly customizable guitars and take time to build, finish and cure, orders can take up to 4 months to be delivered. Please contact us for current scheduling.

Thank you,

Brian Woeller, Sweet Licks Guitars

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